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Vintro Chalk Paint™- a revolution

No Sanding, No Priming, Fast Drying (A dry time of approx 20-30mins in NZ climate). Paint directly onto almost any surface including varnished or waxed wood, veneer, plastic, fabric, leather, terracotta and so much more. Suitable for both indoors and out. 50% More coverage and 50% more colours than any other Chalk Paint in NZ. Average of 19.5m2 of coverage per can, with some colours showed during testing to reach up to 24m2. What this means is that in most cases it only requires 1-1 1/2 coats. Colours so rich just a couple of drops into clear wax will allow you to create a beautiful buttery coloured wax. Just a couple drops into our revolutionary lacquers for a beautiful coloured Lacquer, or manipulate our lacquers and add a couple of drops of our Chalk Paint to create a coloured glaze. On furniture the colours even before waxing have an incredible depth and richness. Take a quick look at our video guides to see the amazing possibilities or visit one of our passionate stockists who will have an in store Vintro Demo bar to demonstrate how it easy it all is to transform your space with stunning colours and beautiful finishes.  

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Supreme Matt Emulsion

A water-based, environmentally friendly emulsion paint with a durable and wipeable matt finish, it is the classic finish for interior walls and ceilings.
Our paints are laden with pigment for incredible depth of colour and have a thick and creamy consistency 
They give unrivalled performance, exceptional coverage, and superior durability. COMING SOON TO NEW ZEALAND 

This Months featured blues to consider

Dark and Moody

An intensely rich, deep and moody dark blue, a beautiful addition in a monochromatic space, gorgeous and contemporary against a crisp white wall. A great alternative to black. Create and add a sumptuous look to your interiors with Nightfall

Beachy Teals

For those coastal style homes looking to add a Teal  into your interiors... here a beautiful teal inspired by NZ; "The sun’s reflection on Lake Tikitapu in the volcanic area Rotorua, New Zealand, produces this incredible blue/green".

Bright and Bold

Looking for a bright intense, rich and bright blue? this is your go to, a true Cobalt blue perfect for that strong pop of colour for your interiors, tone it  down with Victorian black wax, or deepen with a French Navy wax or lacquer and gorgeous with a Brooklyn coloured glaze.  

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