Introducing colour in NZ

Posted on 01 June 2018

Introducing colour in NZ

New Zealanders are really starting to embrace the ideas of colour in there lives and homes as the almost standard beige and neutral homes are slowly giving way to inspired colour. It seems this slow move is being led by trends and changes overseas throughout Europe and many cities all over the globe; this may well be as a result of social media allowing for easy access to see luxury interiors, curated colours and genuine design. 

This is very exciting and we feel that Vintro Paint is at the forefront of this shift in New Zealand culture. With so many internationally and locally inspired colours we look forward to a renovating couple having to decide between a Rotorua lakes inspired Teal for there sideboard or a deep Brooklands, and then pairing that with a complimentary Emulsion wall paint.  We know so many people start out there journey of searching for Chalk Paint by just looking to modernise or lighten there furniture and homes; yet we also know they end up being hugely creative in tehre homes and changing one of the most important spaces in our lives, and having fun doing it. 

With a rich history of 250 years of paint formulations and unparalleled richness of colour pigments in our Vintro Chalk Paint™ we know this is a good start for our customers. However we also know a product is only as good as the advice you get, taht is why we only sell our range exclusively through highly experienced and trained stockists, you won't fins Vintro at a hardware store nor a gift shop. You will only find it through people that have used it and paint furniture and interiors everyday, how else can you ever expect get the best advice and service.

To see what you could do with your furniture and home be sure to check out our range and ever expanding local stockists.


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