The world of Coloured Glazes

Posted on 06 June 2018

The world of Coloured Glazes

Often when people are looking to refresh or refinish their furniture it can be because they have started a renovation project, they have just moved or are ready to reinvent parts of their home. The beauty of using  Vintro Chalk Paint™ is that furniture can be lightened or painted to define areas within larger open plan spaces. A common method which can help achieve this is through the use of a glaze, providing colour and tonal continuity linking areas together without being as predictable as one colour and style used everywhere.

This is where “glazes” can really help; the ability to tint over the base colour of furniture with a complimentary or even slightly contrasting colour looks subtle, modern but creates the depth to make a real impact. Take a deep green from one area and make a glaze out of it to pull it through to an adjoining area over a completely different colour; this provides a perfect visual link.

Vintro Chalk Paint™ and Lacquer can be used to make these glazes really easily and definitely to great effect. Firstly paint the furniture in Vintro Chalk Paint™ with the goal of full coverage and then wait about 20 minutes until dry. To create the glaze simply use the highly pigmented Vintro Chalk Paint™ and add a portion to the Lacquer, then further add some water. Mix the entire solution well (an important note here is that more or less water/lacquer/Chalk Paint will create different strengths in colour and opacity). Now that you have created your glaze, the combined solution will provide a reasonable “open time” meaning you can comfortably glaze large sections before wiping back. This technique will create shading and highlights whereby really helping accentuate any details with compromising or "staining" the initial colour as a decorative wax would. Although a glaze will provide a strong finish it is still advised to finish with either a clear Lacquer over the top or some Soft Wax to fully seal the finish depending on the application.


Have a look at our video guide on creating glazes to see further by clicking here, for more information and products check out your local stockist here.


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