Focus on Casper

  • Product Description

      "The beautiful rainbow of colours including this sensational blue are found inside the oval Pāua shell native to New Zealand.  
      These shells are of great importance within Māori culture and are used in traditional sculptures, jewellery and crafts".

      Casper is a beautiful soft grey blue, not too bright and not too dusky. The rich colour pigments provide a beautiful depth in colour. A great colour to pair with crisp whites (such as Crystal)  the two together can  really complement  and create an idyllic coastal feel without it being too cold,  a look that is popular within NZ coastal style homes .

      Casper is also a great colour for creating an aged look on furniture, a great colour to age with Crystal, Stone breaker or Victorian black wax to create more of a country style  piece or french rustic look . 

      Inspired by this colour and want to start a project? take a quick look at our videos