Mulberry 3 ways

  • Product Description

      Colour Inspo time: Last week we showed you a gorgeous colourway Showcasing Mulberry, a pink and gold, now here's our latest "pictagram" showing you the many ways Mulberry can change by applying a different Vintro coloured wax over it...All three swatches below have been painted firstly in Vintro Mulberry then detailed in different coloured waxes, we then went on to paint 2 ceramic vases (yes you can paint over cermaics too), one using Mulberry with Metallic Gold and the other in Albert Bridge...these two can make a beautiful unexpected pairing as shown here. The last image is a beautiful project & piece painted by Marian Lift the Latch using Mulberry with clear wax keeping the colour as it is.
  • Vintro - designed in the UK, manufactured in NZ

    • Vintro Paint has a rich association and heritage stretching back 250 years for providing the highest quality paints and pigments. The complex formulas are proven and tested from our colour library that has in excess of 300,000 colours and as such has allowed us to create rich multi pigmented formulations.

      Vintro Paint in NZ provides a bespoke manufacturing facility, the only dedicated decorative paint manufacturer of Chalk Paint and associated products. Each tin is individually finished with exacting standards ensuring a premium luxury paint for the discerning NZ market.

      All of our products are of the lowest possible VOC's and meet the stringent European EN71-3 regulations, sustainable practices are employed throughout the process including the use of quality recycled metal in the tins.