Painting Leather

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      Vintro Chalk Paint can be applied to many surfaces with little to no prep including Leather. Take a look at a video guide on one of the ways to paint Leather.

      Things to Note: 

      Vintro Chalk Paint must be watered down prior to application
      Take it slow and apply "thin" coats of paint to avoid paint build up or cracking. Thinned down paint will allow you to go into the creases and folds of the leather seamlessly without the paint "caking" up in those areas, and this is one of the main reasons why we suggest doing thing coats of paint
      Use 600 grit sand paper to sand and remove any strokes or unwanted texture prior to waxing.
      Painting Leather is a cosmetic makeover and will not fix any major existing cracks or peeling."Genuine Leather" paints and wears naturally &  beautifully.

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