Tip: Lustre up your paint finish with a Vintro Metallic Wash

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      This Friday we are posting up a quick and fast way to add a little lustre to your Vintro Chalk Paint finish. This can be done on over any colour combination adding   a translucent sparkle & lustre  on your piece. Ideal for dressing tables, sideboards or any piece you want to add that sparkle and special finishing touch to. 

      Chalk Paint and wax your finish i(n the Video we have painted in Paloma Chalk Paint and waxed in a Stonebreaker coloured wax).  
      Mix your chosen Vintro Metallics (copper, gold or silver) with Water 50/50 
      Brush it over a section of your piece of furniture using your highly absorbent Staalmeester brush, this will cause the metallic wash to bead a little which is to be expected. 
      Grab a clean lint free rag and rag the metallic wash around until almost dry, then move onto the next section and repeat until you have covered the entire piece with your metallic wash. Take care to rotate your rag so you are working on a dry part each time. 

      Note : This technique works best over a waxed surface as it creates a silky non porous surface for you to work on allowing you easy control over your lustre. 

      Tip: Keep agitating the Metallic wash mix as you go (stir it)  as the metal particles will start sinking to the bottom. 

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    • Vintro Paint has a rich association and heritage stretching back 250 years for providing the highest quality paints and pigments. The complex formulas are proven and tested from our colour library that has in excess of 300,000 colours and as such has allowed us to create rich multi pigmented formulations.

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