About us


Only at Vintro Paint will you find 250 years of colour in every tin. 

Vintro paints are manufactured in our bespoke paint facility in England. Our paint facility has been producing coatings for nearly 100 years and we have paint formulations dating back to 1771. This rich history and heritage of refining and honing formulations, through generations of paint makers, gives us the expertise to manufacture products with unrivalled performance and outstanding qualities.
Our earliest formulations were based on natural pigments and resins, similar to those used by the great masters of colour, who mixed their own paints by hand, for some of the most iconic pieces of art the world has ever seen.

During the 19th century new production techniques and synthetic pigments were introduced. Although these massively increased efficiency some of these “new” materials were not as high quality or environmentally friendly as the ingredients honed by paint masters over hundreds of years.

We use many of the materials that would have been familiar to Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Turner, but only where the old surpasses the quality of the new. Our colours have been carefully chosen with subtle undertones that bring the best out of any piece of furniture or room space, they are a natural and seamless blend of both classic and contemporary with unique inspiration taken from all around the world and throughout history. Many of the beautiful rich colours have even been inspired directly from New Zealand like Teal or Casper.

Each colour has been refined by months of development work utilising our historic colour archives of over 350,000 shades and tones. Our paints are laden with pigment for incredible depth of colour and have a thick and creamy consistency. They give unrivalled performance, exceptional coverage, and superior durability, meaning less resources are required. 

Whether you want to transform your favourite piece of furniture using our ground-breaking Vintro Chalk Paint™, or decorate your home with our Matt Emulsion or Eggshell finishes, we have the perfect paint for your project.
Our Chalk Paint, Supreme Matt Emulsion and Supreme Eggshell are BS EN71-3:2013 Certified – also known as “toy paint regulation safe”. This means Vintro paints are completely safe for children’s rooms and furniture.

Key features

•Exceptionally high pigment loading meaning unparalleled coverage and ease of use
•Certified for use in children’s rooms and areas (BS EN71-3)
•Lowest possible VOC eco-rating (so you don’t need to worry about nasty smells or respiratory issues)
•Environmentally friendly
•Quick drying
•Excellent colour retention
•Easy application

Supported by NZ's leading decorative painters Vintro Paint is Now Available in NZ through carefully selected stockists.